Microsoft 365 Alert : Service degradation – Exchange Online – Admins are unable to complete mailbox migrations and see an error – ONGOING

06/05/2022 06:01:00 PM (BST)

Microsoft Reference : EX376606  

NHSmail Reference : INC28841289

Issue Status : ONGOING

Issue Description : Admins can’t complete mailbox migrations when onboarding and selecting the “Automatically complete the migration batch.”

More info : Impact is specific to admins leveraging the new Exchange admin center (EAC) experience. Those using the Classic EAC experience are unaffected.

The error message reads: “RequestStartAfterEarlierThanCompleteAfterException: The StartAfter time must be earlier than CompleteAfter time on the move request.”

While Microsoft are focused on remediation, as a temporary mitigation, admins using the new EAC experience can select “Automatically start the batch” to begin the migration, and choose to end the migration batch by “Manually completing the batch later.” Admins can also manually set the date and time under the “Complete the batch automatically after time” option to a time after the batch start time.

Scope of impact : This issue may potentially affect any of your admins attempting to complete mailbox migrations while onboarding and selecting the “Automatically complete the migration batch” option.

Current Update : 16/05/2022 08:42:00 AM – The validation phase of the deployment of Microsoft’s fix to address the code regression is progressing as expected, and Microsoft anticipate the deployment to their testing environment to be complete by their next scheduled update. Microsoft will begin full deployment to all affected environments once validation efforts are complete internally, and they are working to provide a timeline for deployment and remediation as it becomes feasible.

Root cause : A recent update introduced a code regression to the cmdlets service, resulting in onboarding issues when selecting the “Automatically complete the migration batch” option for mailbox migrations performed in the new EAC experience.

Next update by : Thursday, May 19, 2022, 12:30 AM

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