Microsoft Alert: Service degradation – Microsoft 365 – Access and slowness issues with multiple Microsoft 365 services – RESOLVED

16-02-2023 01:00:17 PM (GMT)

Microsoft Reference : MO275087 

Issue Status: RESTORED

Issue Description: Users may experience access issues or latency when utilizing multiple Microsoft 365 services and features.

More info: Impacted services include but are not limited to:
– Microsoft Teams
– Admin center

Scope of impact: Impact is specific to a subset of users who are served through the affected infrastructure.

Final Update – 03/08/2021 09:18:35 AM: Microsoft has confirmed that a recent networking policy change resulted in networking traffic being routed incorrectly, causing impact. Microsoft has confirmed that automated recovery systems corrected the traffic routing issue to mitigate impact. In parallel, Microsoft updated the networking policy to ensure impact is fully remediated.



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