NHSmail firewall/proxy server access – upcoming changes to IP ranges

As part of the migration of key NHSmail services to Microsoft infrastructure, please note that IP ranges used by some NHSmail systems will be changing in February and March 2021.

For organisations where local firewall and web proxy restrictions are used to provide connectivity to NHSmail, it is important to ensure that access is correctly configured to allow-list the “nhs.net” service URL.

This will ensure there is no disruption to your access to services, including – but not limited to – NHSmail Portal (portal.nhs.net) and sign-in services (fs.nhs.net).

As a reminder, please ensure that local firewall and proxy access is not restricted to IP address ranges for nhs.net. Please review firewall restrictions, URL/IP address lists, hard coded DNS entries, web proxy configurations and update rules accordingly.

Further guidance can be found here.

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