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Viewing and removing a delegated mailbox and removing permissions to the mailbox

When you view a delegate mailbox that you have been given permissions for, the mailbox will be displayed on the left side of the screen below the list of your own folders

1. Right click the Folders on the left side of the screen and select Add shared folder or mailbox

Although the instruction is to add a shared folder, this will actually add all of the folders within the mailbox that have been shared with you


enter the name of the person into the search bar2. Enter the name of the person whose mailbox you wish to view in the search bar and click add



  • Regardless of whether permission has been granted, the person’s name will appear on the left side of the screen. You will only be able to open and view the additional mailbox if you have been given permission
  • Depending on the level of permission granted, you may also be able to edit the mailbox
  • If you have been given permissions to send emails from the mailbox, when doing so you will still be listed as the sender on behalf of the person to whom the mailbox belongs
  • If you have not been given permissions to a folder that you need to access, you should contact the mailbox owner.

Please note that an email notification will be sent out to the owner of the mailbox and the member(s) whose Delegate permission have been granted or removed.

Removing mailboxes

click remove shared folder1. Right click the mailbox on the left side of the screen and click remove shared folder

Removing permissions to your mailbox

select permissions1. Right click on the relevant mailbox or folder name and select permissions 

2. Select the mailbox or person you would like to remove and click the bin icon


3. When you have removed the permissions, click ok at the bottom of the window

Your mailbox name will still appear on the left side of the person’s Mail screen until they choose to remove it however they will not be able to access it.

Best Practices

  1. Always grant permissions to any mailbox or folder on the basis of least privilege to perform the task. If a user does not need to make changes always grant Reviewer permissions
  2. Review permissions given periodically and remove them – this is particularly important when a user moves to a different NHS organisation and retains their same mailbox
  3. If the user is a Delegate review their permissions via Outlook using File > Account Settings > Delegate Access. Their permissions can be changed or revoked using this dialog box
  4. Periodically check for any per folder level permissions given. As a best practice we do not recommend using these permissions as they can be difficult to monitor and manage and can cause users to maintain access to material they should no longer be able to.
Last Reviewed Date 27/10/2023
Updated on 27/10/2023

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