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Using MS Teams Premium AI features to support meeting administration

Tristan Angel and Dez Bruce’s MS Teams Premium journey as the pilot coordinators for Norfolk and Waveney ICB


Tristan Angel, Digital Optimisation Project Manager and Dez Bruce, Digital Training & Support Officer for Norfolk and Waveney ICB share their experience of MS Teams Premium.

Norfolk and Waveney have approximately 700 staff in the ICB with an additional 4,000 people in primary care for whom they manage devices, across 155 sites.

N&W have had 20 users join the MS Teams Premium pilot and are currently working on their plans to enable 300 users by summer.

“A great example of using digital technology to enable more efficient ways of working.”

What is MS Teams Premium?

MS Teams Premium is an enhanced set of features for MS Teams that allow users to personalise the meeting experience and enable advanced meeting protection. Some users have additional features to facilitate advanced virtual appointments, host high-quality webinars and deliver large scale Town Halls.

Within this pilot, users have been primarily focused on the benefits of the intelligent meeting recap features, with AI generated meeting notes and tasks, timeline speaker and subject markers as well as live translated meeting captions.

Who took part in the pilot?

“We had a very short time, so we chose roles which have a lot of meetings or take minutes” – Managers, Administrators, Executive Assistants, Business support, support officers etc

What are the main benefits you have found for your users and organisation?

N&W users have estimated a saving of 33% of the admin time around meetings, with 76% of users rating it 8/10 or above for impacting positively on those related tasks.

Whilst the team found some improvements could be made as the product continues to develop, overall users have reported benefits with this step into AI:

“Actions from the meeting – not only am I seeing what I need to do, I’m also seeing what others have got to do as well. Normally I wouldn’t have written that down, so now when I get to my task and realise ***** was given this other task to do first.”

“It has helped with minute taking, particularly in meetings where I struggle to get someone to take the minutes.”

“It has allowed me to concentrate more on the meeting.”

“Recap helps when revisiting the right point in the recording to capture these discussion points after the meeting.”

“It has cut down the number of hours I have had to spend writing up notes.”

“it’s good for filling in the gaps when normally the person with the minutes has to go back to people”

How did you get started?

“We got expression of interest then held four workshops… the workshops were great. We got people signed up, got their agreement during the workshop, and then we requested licences. The licences got applied and it kicked off on the Tuesday/ Wednesday, when they all started working properly.”

“We asked in the workshops for participants to take notes, how you would normally and see if the notes you have compared to Teams Premium at the end of the session. If there’s anything missing. So we got everyone invested in that way”

What guidance did users need to get started?

N&W ran an initial workshop “we always try and promote the right stuff”.

Once you have recorded a meeting you can click on the meeting in your calendar to access the intelligent recap features with AI generated meeting notes and tasks and video recordings with speaker and subject markers.

To get the best out of the pilot and features available, N&W supported users with a dedicated Intranet page and Teams channel that included evolving FAQs from their team learning. They have also created a series of video tutorials to help users think about their whole workflow and adopt additional products that compliment MS Teams Premium.

What have you learned that might benefit other users getting started?

For users who run meetings or produce minutes 

“Running a formal meeting structure, going back to having a chairperson and speakers, and clear agenda”. N&W users found that formally structured meetings result in more structured and organised transcripts, summaries and actions which saves time for minute takers after the meeting. Summaries and actions can also be copied directly from the AI notes and shared quickly after the meeting without having to wait for the formal minutes.

“Less formal interactions can get confused with formal parts of the meeting – I find it quite useful to have the discussion, and then once we’re all on the same page, switch on Teams Premium”.

For users who attend a lot of meetings

“We’ve realised it’s not just what Teams Premium has in front of you, it’s what then you do with it afterwards, that is important as well.”

“When you have a lot of meetings you need to go through your calendar to find them, so if you back it up with a with a meetings notebook in OneNote for instance, you’ve got them in a scheduled date order and just copy and paste into a note and by using the flag option you can flag the notes to be proper tasks which appear in Outlook.”

Recording meetings

To assist users who were concerned about recording all meetings “We said, please let everybody know it’s recording. It’s a pilot. It’s a trial. We put a disclaimer together that we made available for everyone just to post if they needed to.”

Additional Information

You can find out more about MS Teams Premium on the NHSmail support pages. If you would like to see more from Tristan and Dez, watch their videos below for their Introduction to Intelligent Recap videos, as well as a tutorial on Teams Premium and OneNote working together.

Intelligent Recap

Teams Premium and OneNote

You can find out more about MS Teams Premium on the NHSmail support pages.

Last Reviewed Date 03/07/2024
Updated on 10/07/2024

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