NHSmail Intune Overview

1. NHSmail Intune Service

NHSmail Intune is a corporate mobile device management (MDM) service that is integrated with existing NHSmail capabilities and natively supports the multi-organisational nature of NHSmail. NHSmail Intune provides centralised device management capability and allows organisations to maintain a good degree of oversight and local autonomy over their Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows 10/11 and HoloLens 2 devices using Role Based Access Controls (RBAC).

NHSmail Intune’s configuration provides a core set of centrally managed security postures, settings, and applications for easy policy assignment, however organisations can also customise their own groups, policies, profiles, and apps alongside the centrally managed settings by using custom RBAC permissions.

1.1 Key Features

If you are new to NHSmail Intune and want to understand more about what the service can offer your organisation, you can review the Introductory Packs below to learn more:

1.2 Key Benefits

1.3 Licencing

As part of the new licensing agreement with Microsoft, Enhanced organisations now have access to NHSmail Intune as a standard offering. This means you can access the service by assigning the M365 E3 Restricted License to all users via the National License in the portal and toggling on Intune. Click here for information on how to assign the national license.

Critical note:

NHSmail Intune is not available for organisations using the NHSmail Standard Service, either through the central licensing offering, or through add-on or top up licenses.

For more details on the new national licensing agreement and organisation categorization, further information can be found at Licence Overview and Migration Approach guidance

1.4 Prerequisites

The following are prerequisites for onboarding onto NHSmail Intune:

  • Organisation must be part of the Enhanced Service
  • Assignment of M365 E3 Restricted License via the National License in the portal.
  • Being able to connect Apple Business Manager (ABM) to NHSmail Intune (for Apple devices)
  • Meeting the minimum Operating System requirements (Win 10 / Android OS 8 / iOS 10, HoloLens 2)

2. Registering your interest

We onboard organisations every month and have slots available now
Simple 3-step process to onboard and begin using the platform
You can test the platform to decide whether NHSmail Intune is right for your organisation
Registering your organisation’s interest is not a commitment to fully onboard onto the service

To register your interest for onboarding to NHSmail Intune, please nominate a PLA/LA from your organisation to complete the Intune Registration Form.

Completing this form with details about your organisation will also help us understand your requirements.

Please note:

The survey needs to be accessed whilst using your @nhs.net account.

3. Next steps

You will receive a confirmation of submission email once you have completed the Intune Registration Form.
If your organisation meets the prerequisites to onboard onto NHSmail Intune, you will then be offered a provisional onboarding slot.
You will be given access to the Intune SharePoint site. This will allow you to update your organisation’s data in real time and provide additional information relating to onboarding.

To view the Intune Overview document please refer to the PDF file.

Last Reviewed Date 14/03/2024
Updated on 14/03/2024

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