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Management of Clinical Safety incidents

The NHSmail service is a clinical information system intended for communication and collaboration only. It is a requirement of the service and the NHS secure email standard (DCB1596) for organisations to have undertaken a clinical safety assessment, which should identify hazards related to the service’s deployment, use, or modification.

The clinical safety assessment should be completed by following the requirements of the NHS safety standard DCB0160. The output of this will include a Clinical Safety Case Report and Hazard Log, which should contain controls to mitigate the identified hazards to an acceptable level.

The safety standard also requires the organisation to maintain a service incident management log and have a defined assessment and reporting process to manage clinical incidents. The local Clinical Safety Officer (CSO) is responsible for managing this and ensuring that the standard is followed.

When submitting a clinical incident to the NHSmail helpdesk, it must be accompanied by a Clinical Incident Triage form. The NHSmail Clinical Safety Team will review the local assessment and will prioritise its resolution based on the impact. The local CSO may be contacted if further clarification is required.

When communicating actionable information, such as a patient referral, the sender is responsible for confirming its safe receipt. The NHSmail service does not guarantee delivery and alternative modes of communication should form the basis of any safety assessment.

To aid the completion of the Clinical Incident Triage Form, an example form can be viewed below.

Example Triage Form


Updated on 02/07/2021

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