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Local Administrator (LA) bulletin – 27 April 2022

Please note this information is correct at the time of publishing

Reminder – Local Administrator (LA) webinar changes

You may have recently seen that our LA Webinars are now fortnightly, please see further changes and the agenda below:

  • General Updates – NHSmail and Accenture Collaboration Services Team
  • Technical Updates – NHSmail Collaboration Technical Team
  • Guest Speaker – new releases/key updates, 10 minutes max plus questions
  • Digital Workplace – your opportunity to highlight benefits to the wider community from utilising the shared tenant functionality, 10 minutes max plus questions
  • Panel for open questions – NHSmail Collaboration Services Team, NHSmail Collaboration Technical Team, Accenture Service Team

For further information and recordings of previous LA webinars please visit the NHSmail support pages.

To attend the LA webinar please follow the link NHSmail Local Administrator Collaboration NHSmail webinar channel or if you are already a member via the LA webinar invite.

Please note: To access the NHSmail Local Administrator Collaboration team for the webinar, you must be a nominated Primary or Local Administrator for your organisation.

If you are a Primary or Local Administrator and require access to the Team, please follow the link to the NHSmail Local Administrator Collaboration Team to request access.

Please note: Prior to raising on the LA webinar please use appropriate escalation for organisation/user specific issues, the following will provide guidance – Complaints and Escalations Process.

Compromised accounts – applying MFA

The NHSmail team often change the security level of the platform. For example, the recent move of the banner to the top of an email for any emails received outside of NHSmail was taken in response to genuine threats from malicious actors.

Another threat vector is compromised accounts, these are dealt with quickly with accounts disabled and passwords reset. Compromised accounts are a big threat to any organisation so to further protect the NHSmail platform from this threat, MFA will be applied to every NHSmail account that is compromised.

This change will come into effect with a Portal release expected w/c 6 June 2022.

The current authentication methods for MFA are still valid – Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – NHSmail Support as is the use of FIDO tokens – FIDO2 Admin Guide – NHSmail Support.

Further details will be updated here as they become available.

NHSmail Intune update  

NHSmail Intune is being utilised as a mobile device management solution by more than 100 organisations. Over 6000 devices are securely managed by the service and the number of organisations and devices is expected to grow strongly.

NHSmail Intune now supports integration with SCCM infrastructures, certificates issuing, Samsung Knox enrolment and Mobile Application Management Policies. Further releases and enhancements to the service are planned throughout 2022 Q2 and Q3 including Windows 10/11 Hybrid-Join functionality.

To register your organisation’s interest in NHSmail Intune, please follow this link to complete the registration form.

To find out more about NHSmail Intune please visit the NHSmail Intune support site pages and the NHSmail Intune Terms of Reference.

OneDrive temporary delegate access 

Local Administrators (LAs) can grant temporary delegated access to the OneDrive of users from their organisation. Users who are granted delegated access will be able to view, upload, share and delete content from the OneDrive.

Delegated access will be available for 8 hours before being automatically retracted. This will give the ability to grant access to a user’s OneDrive when the user is unavailable and urgent access is required.

When an employee leaves your organisation, if you remove their licence but their account is still active you will also be able to access their OneDrive to back up important documents.

All activity is recorded in the audit database. An automated email will also be sent to the owner of the OneDrive including the name of the administrator making the change, the details of the person access was granted to, and the time period it was available.

To find out more please visit OneDrive Temporary Delegate Access NHSmail Support OneDrive Temporary Delegate Access NHSmail Support

Basic Authentication deprecation in Exchange online

Basic auth is being deprecated on Exchange Active Sync

(EAS), POP/IMAP and therefore these protocols will be unsupported by Exchange online.

A recent Microsoft article can be found here for further details: https://docs.microsoft.com/enus/exchange/clientsandmobileinexchangeonline/deprecationofbasicauthenticationexchangeonline

Modern auth will be required to connect to Exchange online after the October date.

Internet Explorer 11 – disabling in Windows 10

IE 11 will be disabled on all supported windows 10 (and above) devices on 15th June 2022. The Microsoft position is found here.

Retire Legacy Browsers

Best wishes,
NHSmail Team

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