LA communication – 6 January 2023


Important information: Microsoft Teams Desktop Client 1.4 or earlier update

Dear Primary / Local Administrator,

On 9 January 2023, as part of updates to the Microsoft Teams Desktop Client, users on Teams 1.4 or earlier will encounter a blocking page requesting to upgrade to the latest version of Teams.

What does this mean?

If organisations do not upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Teams Desktop, they may not receive the latest important security and quality updates and bug fixes.

What do I need to do?

To avoid any disruption please upgrade users to the latest version of Microsoft Teams Desktop Client. Client versions with release dates that are more than 90 days older than the current version release will be blocked.

Please ensure your organisation performs regular updates to ensure users have the latest supported version of Teams. Users of out-of-date clients will continue to see warning banners and later to be blocked to ensure they meet security requirements.

For further information please visit –

Best wishes,
The NHSmail Team


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Last Reviewed Date 10/01/2023
Updated on 11/03/2024

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