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LA Bulletin – 6 February 2020


Latest information on the NHSmail service including management of shared mailboxes, adding multiple Primary Local Administrators, spoofed email now set to ‘reject’, actions to protect your NHSmail account, free simulated phishing awareness exercise, Egress encryption service, hiding application accounts in the NHS Directory and introducing Same Sign On.


Document information and downloads

  • Management of shared mailboxes
  • Adding multiple Primary Local Administrators
  • Spoofed email now set to ‘reject’
  • Actions to protect your NHSmail account
  • Free simulated phishing awareness exercise – now available
  • Egress encryption service – coming soon
  • Hiding application accounts in the NHS Directory (People Finder) – coming soon
  • Introducing Same Sign On – coming soon

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Last Reviewed Date 6/2/2020
Updated on 29/06/2022
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