iOS/iPadOS Intune Overview

This page provides an overview of the key aspects of enrolling and managing iOS/iPadOS devices on NHSmail Intune. For further detail on iOS/iPadOS device management, please navigate to the Operations Guide and Terms of Reference and watch the recordings for the iOS/iPadOS related upskilling sessions.

1. Device and Software Requirements

Prior to enrolling any iOS/iPadOS devices onto Intune, the following minimum device and software requirements should be validated:

Apple iOS + iPadOS devices must run iOS 13.0 or later
iOS/iPadOS devices to be enrolled need to exist in the organisation’s ABM instance
Unenroll from any existing MDM solution
Critical note:

NHSmail Intune is not available for organisations using the NHSmail Standard Service, either through the central licensing offering, or through add-on or top up licenses.

For more details on the new national licensing agreement and organisation categorization, further information can be found at Licence Overview and Migration Approach guidance

2. User Device Types

iPadOS devices can be enrolled as either single user devices or shared devices
If enrolling a shared device, a separate enrolment profile will be required

3. Enrolment for iOS/iPadOS

The following are key points to note regarding the enrolment of iOS/iPadOS devices:

ABM link into NHSmail Intune tenant must be complete in order to enrol iOS/iPadOS devices
Enrolment program tokens will be unavailable if ABM link has not been completed
iOS/iPadOS devices will only visible on the Device Overview page after end user enrolment

4. Ongoing Management

In order to ensure effective management of iOS/iPadOS devices on Intune, the following must be done:

Ensure devices updated to latest version/OS
Review policies frequently
Stay up-to-date with latest Apple/Microsoft updates
Renew ABM token annually (expire every 365 days)
Renew VPP tokens annually (expire every 365 days)

5. Application Management

Apps will need to be purchased via an iOS VPP (managed by ABM) and assigned in Intune
There are no limits to number of applications you can deploy and there are no restrictions on application types
A service request can be raised to schedule an ABM link session with the Intune Live Service Team (this covers both ABM Link and VPP Token connections to Intune)
Please visit our ABM & VPP Connection to Intune Support Site article for full details

7. Supporting Documentation

There are several supporting documents which LAs and end users can access to help with the rollout of Intune and facilitate troubleshooting

For Local Admins:
Operations Guide for Local Administators and Onboarding Managers
For End Users:
iOS/iPadOS Quick Start End User Guide

8. Requesting Support

LAs can raise a Level 3 technical incident ticket for issues relating to the enrolment and/or management of an iOS/ iPad OS device
Level 3 technical incidents should only be raised after the Operations Guide for LAs and Onboarding Managers have been consulted and LAs have made use of their RBAC permissions
There is a prior set-up session required to begin enrolling iOS/iPadOS devices.
This session can be raised as a service request: ‘Request to onboard your organisation’s Apple Buisness Manager (ABM) for Apple Devices’.
Requests to add an iOS/iPadOS enrolment profile to an AAD Group should be raised as a service request

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Last Reviewed Date 19/03/2024
Updated on 19/03/2024

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