HoloLens2 Introduction and Use

What is Mixed Reality? 

Mixed Reality (MR) blends the digital and physical world by overlaying 3D digital objects onto the physical world. Using Head-Mounted Devices (HMDs), people can interact with 3D digital objects as if they physically exist in front of them.  

Unlike Virtual Reality (VR) where the wearer is fully immersed in a virtual environment removed from the physical world, or Augmented Reality, where a digital object or character is inserted into the person’s surroundings captured through a camera, a Mixed Reality device overlays digital objects to the user’s surrounding physical environment without interrupting their vision.  


Microsoft has introduced HoloLens2, a Mixed Reality headset designed with business use cases in mind. 

HoloLens2 has been adopted or piloted by many healthcare organisations around the world, most frequently for training and simulation solutions to prepare and educate healthcare workers and medical students.  

HoloLens2 has also been trialed and successfully used for both Remote Assistance and Contextual Data Overlay. Remote Assistance, in which clinicians can connect to experts via a live video and audio feed shared through the device to enable the experts to give guidance and advice from a remote location and Contextual Data Overlay where 3D diagrams and images can be projected by the HoloLens2 for clinicians and patients to understand conditions and scans in more detail, providing patients with confidence and knowledge about their conditions and treatment plans. 

To find out more about successful case studies and pilots for HoloLens2 in healthcare, please visit  Clinical Case Studies for HoloLens2 – NHSmail Support. 

How to Onboard HoloLens2 for your Organisation 

If you are a Local Administrator (LA) and/or your organisation is onboarding via the Intune process, find out more about the pre-requisites and onboarding here: Onboarding and Enrolment Pre-requisites – NHSmail Support.  

Please note that you will need to complete the Intune onboarding process first, before requesting a HoloLens license. 

Last Reviewed Date 19/04/2022
Updated on 07/07/2022

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