Encryption Guide for NHSmail



NHSmail includes an encryption feature that allows users to exchange information securely with users of non-accredited or non-secure email services, for example Gmail, Hotmail etc.

Before using the encryption feature, please ensure you read and understand all guidance and instructions to ensure data remains secure

  • Introduction
  • When to use the NHSmail encryption feature
  • How to send an encrypted message
  • Before sending an encrypted message
  • To send an encrypted message
  • Revoking access to an encrypted email
  • Egress Outlook add-in
  • Egress large file transfer web form
  • Approving access for others to secure emails sent via Egress
  • Help and further guidance
  • Frequently asked questions

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Last Reviewed Date 11/08/2023
Updated on 11/08/2023

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