Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and HoloLens 2 scope and support


LAs should ensure that they have referred to the NHSmail Intune Operations Guide for Local Administrators and Onboarding Managers to try to troubleshoot the issue themselves first. LAs should provide Level 1 support (service desk and deskside support) and Level 2 triage and fix support (via delegated RBAC permissions) to end users.

All onboarding requests (license onboarding and organisation onboarding), service requests and Level 3 incidents will need to be raised as tickets via Helpdesk Self-Service (HSS) on the NHS Portal.

All completed and submitted Incidents and Service Requests will be sent to the Intune Live Service Team (LST) for review and the LA who submitted the form/s will be updated on the progress and outcome of any request via the standard incident process.

Issue Management

Local Administrators (LAs) will be responsible for managing issues related to organisation-specific requirements and day-to-day functionality of the device. Some of these issues are listed, but not limited to, the below:

  • Device availability as required by organisation
  • Logistical activities regarding device availability and distribution
  • Device build reset and/or versioning update
  • Device unenrolment/rollback (if required)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – if you experience issues connecting your HoloLens 2 device to your local network, please contact your Network team to confirm the configurations requirement in place. Please visit Connect HoloLens to a network documentation for more information.
  • Device management in Intune
  • Credential/account/licencing issues
  • Issues related to the required licencing to use Dynamics 365 Remote Assist for HoloLens (additional procurement, expirations etc.)
  • Additional device onboarding
  • User queries with device functionalities

NHSmail Intune Service

The NHSmail Intune Service supports HoloLens 2 devices. Any organisation currently onboarded to the NHSmail Intune Service will be able to enrol HoloLens 2 devices onto Intune and is eligible to request support with enrolling and using HoloLens 2 devices on Intune from the Intune Live Service Team. Requests for support can be made via the raising of Intune Incidents and Service Requests through Helpdesk Self-Service. Please visit the NHSmail Intune Overview Page for more information.

Last Reviewed Date 07/04/2022
Updated on 01/07/2022

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