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This article provides guidance for NHSmail Phone System Administrators on how to request an email report detailing information on all their Phone System licenced users.

NHSmail Teams Phone System Admins can request a report detailing their licenced user’s information via the Phone System Power App. The request will generate a .csv file which will be emailed to you and will include the following populated fields for each one of your licenced users:

  • Display Name
  • User Principal Name
  • Company Name
  • Dial Plan
  • Voice Enterprise Enabled
  • Feature Types
  • Assigned Number
  • Assigned Licenses
  • Calling Line Identity
  • Online Voice Routing Policy
  • Teams Call Park Policy
  • Teams Calling Policy
  • When Changed

Requesting User Information

1. Log in to the Phone System Power App and select ‘User Information’ from the Home screen.



2. Select the ODS code for the organisation you wish to generate a report for. If you are a Primary Phone System Admin, you will also be able to click ‘Select All’ to request a report detailing user information for all organisations you have administrative permissions for.






3. Select ‘Generate Report’ to request that a .csv file populated with your licenced user information is sent to your email address.



Important Note: The report will be sent to the email address of the signed-in user who is requesting the report.

4. A success screen will be displayed confirming that your request has been sent and that you can check the progress of the report by viewing the ‘Pending Actions’.

Last Reviewed Date 04/04/2023
Updated on 05/04/2023

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