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Creating an MS Teams Team via the NHSmail portal

In this page you will find step-by-step guidance to create a Microsoft Teams Team via the NHSmail portal.

How to find the Team creation request form

1. Navigate to the NHSmail portal by clicking on this link NHSmail 2 Portal – Home. Log in using your NHSmail login details (nhs.net email address).

2. You will be directed to the home page. Click on the profile tab in the navigation bar. You will see a drop-down menu as shown on the accompanying image. Click on My Teams.

3. Click on Add to navigate to the form, where you will submit the Team-creation request.


Completing the Team creation request form

Once you have selected the add button, you will see the form to request the creation of a Team.

1. Enter the name of the Team under Name. Please note that the Organisational Unit is automatically selected.



2. Click on Add under the Team Users section to add member and owners to the team. You can add multiple owners or members. Please note that the ID of Teams are automatically hidden from the address book.


3. Enter a brief summary of what you will do with the Team in the business justification



4. Once you have entered all mandatory information, click on create to send the Team-creation request to your Local Administrator (LA).



5. You should see a prompt message box on the screen after you have clicked create. Click on confirm so that your request is sent to your LA. Once the LA approves the creation of the Team, it will be created for you.


Adding and removing members from the Team

1. When you choose to add members or owners to the Team by selecting add, you will be directed to the page shown in the image, where you will be able to search for users by entering their email address and clicking on the search


2. Once you search for the user by their net email address, you will be able to see other details such as their Display Name, Mailbox Type and Status.



3. Tick the box and click on Select to add a member to the Team.

4. After clicking on Select, you will be redirected back to the form, and will see the user added as owner or member. You can also click on the red cross to remove the user from the members’ list.

5. You can also add yourself as both an owner and member.




6. You can add multiple members in one go. Search for a member you want in the email search box. Next, tick the box and search for another user you want to add. Once you have finished selecting all the users, click on the select

7. You will then see all the users you have added in the members section.

Checking the status of the Team creation request

1. Navigate to the profile tab and from the drop-down menu, choose My Teams.



2. Select the status option from the choices to track the status of the request.



3. Alternatively, can also search for the team-creation request by typing the Display Name, Organisation or Organisation Unit and clicking on the search icon.



4. You will only see a result if you have sent a request. You will be able to see the status of the form under the status For example, you can see in the accompaining image how the team-creation request form has “pending” under Status. This means that the request for creating a Team has not been approved by the LA.


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Last Reviewed Date 10/11/2021
Updated on 05/07/2022

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