Create a Teams federation allow list request


To check if a domain has already been allow listed, please go to the Manage External Organisations Access and search for the domain.

  • If the domain is listed as Active this indicates that it has been allow listed within the NHSmail shared tenant
  • If the domain is listed as Pending this indicates that another Requestor Organisation has raised an allow list request for this domain and that the request is still under review at this stage.

Introduction to external organisation access management

As part of the Teams federation service for NHSmail Teams, controls have been put in place to mitigate the risks associated with allow listing external domains within the NHSmail shared tenant environment.

One of these controls is an external organisation domain allow-listing- only external organisations that have had their domain allow listed with the NHSmail shared tenant can have Teams federation successfully enabled.

If your organisation has an NHSmail presence, your Local Administrator team can raise an allow list request via the NHSmail portal.

Important Note

All allow list requests must clearly state “Teams federation” in the business justification field.

If your organisation does not have a NHSmail presence, please contact the NHSmail Feedback team to ask for an allow list request to be raised on behalf of your organisation.

If you require an allow list request to be raised on your organisation’s behalf, please ensure that the following information is supplied to as part of the request for this:

  • Domain to be allow listed
  • Organisation name and address
  • Organisation contact number
  • Primary contact for the request

Creating a request to allow-list an external organisation


1. Click Admin in the navigation bar at the top of the screen in the NHSmail portal and select Manage External Organisation Access from the dropdown menu.


2. Click Add and select External Organisation Access Request.



3. Populate the request form with the details of the external organisation that you would like to be allow-listed



You can create B2B external organisation requests with * character in the domain name. (Ex: *

The mandatory fields are those that have an asterisk after the description, for example, Primary Contact Email*

Handy Hint

The NHSmail Sponsor 1 will be pre-populated with the requestor’s name, however an additional sponsor can be added using the Add button.

It is recommended to have a second sponsor who can approve the request in the absence of the first sponsor. 


4. Click Submit to send the request for approval

Once the request is submitted, an automated email will be sent to the NHSmail Feedback team asking them to review and approve the request. Once they have made their decision, you will receive an email confirming whether the request has been approved or rejected.

If approved, the external organisation’s domain will be allow-listed within Azure Active Directory (AD), and the domain can then be enabled for Teams federation.

If rejected, please discuss the request with the NHSmail Feedback team

Last Reviewed Date 08/07/2021
Updated on 01/07/2022

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