Approve or Reject the leaver-joiner request

A self-service leaver/joiner request requires approval or rejection by the Local Administrator(s).

Local Administrator(s) can view the request(s) and approve or reject.

To approve or reject the self-service leaver/joiner request

1. Click Admin and then My Approval Requests in the navigation bar at the top of the screen


List of the self-service leaver/joiner request will be displayed.

Handy Hint

You can sort the requests by using the Status column.

2. Click on the request you would like to view, approve or reject




Handy Hint

A self-service leaver/joiner request’s status will show as NA if the account has been marked as a leaver or joiner via Admin > User Management. No action is required on these request anymore as action has already been taken.


Approval Requests View window will appear, and details of the request will be displayed.

4. Review the request and add comments to the Leaving/Joining Organisation Approver Comments section



Note: Leaving or Joining Organisation’s approver(s) will see similar window



Handy Hint

If you choose to approve the leaver request the action will take effect immediately therefore please ensure you approve on the correct day the account is leaving your organisation. Please see the Date of Leaving in the request details

5. Click on Approve or Reject



Following message will be displayed

Additional Information

  • A self-service leaver/joiner request notification email is sent to the requestor and Local Administrator(s) upon submission, approval and rejection of the request.
  • Request(s) approved or rejected by other Local Administrator(s) of the same organisation will appear as Approved or Rejected.
  • Failing to join a new organisation within 30 days of the account being marked as a joiner to the new organisation, the account will be deleted as per Data Retention and Information Management Policy
  • For more information please see the Leavers and Joiners Guide.

Last Reviewed Date 12/12/2019
Updated on 29/06/2022

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