Admin Reports

Admin reports allow you to produce real time reports on users in the selected organisation. The types of reports available are:

  • Azure B2B – A report detailing the allowed list of external organisations that NHSmail users can invite
  • Connector Report – Lists all accounts created using a connector or CSV upload functionality
  • Contact Reports – Lists the details of all the contacts within the selected organisation, including the information visible on the Portal Admin pages as well as the contact’s Local ID
  • Dashboard Report – Lists organisational data for Global and Tenant Admins
  • Distribution List Reports – Lists the details of all the distribution lists set up by the selected organisation including the details visible on the Portal Admin pages as well as the distribution list’s Local ID
  • Mailbox Reports – Lists the details of all the users within the selected organisation, including the information visible on the Portal Admin pages (such as First Name, Last Name, Id, Title, Display Name, Mailbox Type, Mailbox Location, User Policy Name, Status, Email Address, Telephone, Mobile, Department, Job Title, Mailbox Size (GB),Created On, Last Updated, Last LogIn, Updated By, ODS Code, Organisation Name, Organisation Unit Name, Name of the Parent Organisation , AUP Status, Mark As Leaver Date, Site Name, Role, Account Type, User Mailbox Usage (Bytes), User Mailbox Usage (GB), User Dumpster Usage (Bytes) and User Dumpster Usage (GB, )MSLive Events Enabled,  MFA Status etc.) and the user’s Local ID
  • MFA Status Report – Lists the MFA Status of all  users within the selected organisations, including  Compromised Status, date when  Compromised/Remediated,  who by, and  amount of times a user has been Marked As Compromised
  • Mobile Reports – Lists all the mobile devices for the selected organisation
  • Mover Leaver Report – Lists all accounts (Users, Shared Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, Resource Mailboxes and Contacts) which joined, left the organisation or were transferred in the past 12 months
  • O365 Activations User Detail Report – Lists Software Activations details such as Report Refresh Date, User Principal Name, Display Name, Product Type, Last Activated Date on devices like Windows, Mac, Windows 10 Mobile, iOS, Android and On Shared Computer.
  • O365 Licence Report – Lists details of the O365 licences of the selected organisation (such as Subscription ID, Organisation Name, Licence Type, Total Licences, Total Consumed Licences, Available Licences, Start Date, Expiry Date, Status, Updated Date, License type). This report is only available to administrators who have both the ‘Local Admin’ and ‘O365 Admin’ role.
  • O365 Privacy Report – You can view the privacy settings for Teams, SharePoint, Stream, site. This report lists the type of service (Team, SharePoint, Group or Stream), identifier and the privacy setting either public or private.
  • O365 User Licence Allocation Report – Lists all the User Organisations, Policy Owning Organisation, User Policy Name, E-mail Address, Display Name, Status, AUP Status, License Description and Add on Licenses
  • O365 Usage – Active User Detail Report – Report Refresh Date, User Principal Name, Display Name, Is Deleted, Deleted Date, Has Exchange License, Has OneDrive License, Has SharePoint License, Has Skype For Business License, Has Yammer License Has Teams License, Exchange Last Activity Date, OneDrive Last Activity Date, SharePoint Last Activity Date, Skype For Business Last Activity Date, Yammer Last Activity Date, Teams Last Activity Date, Exchange License Assign Date, OneDrive License Assign Date, SharePoint License Assign Date, Skype For Business License Assign Date, Yammer License Assign Date, Teams License Assign Date, Assigned Products.
  • OneDrive User Consumption Report – Comprises the OneDrive site details such as the site URL, the name of the site’s owner, whether the site has been deleted, date of last activity on the site and the owner principal name (NHSmail address) of site owner. The report details different aspects of OneDrive as the number of active files, storage used, and the storage allocated. The file count on the site is also recorded, as well as the report refresh date and the report period. Please use this link to get a detailed view and explanation of the columns for this report OneDrive User Consumption Report- Glossary.PDF
  • Organisation Admin Reports – Lists all administrators for the selected organisation
  • Organisation Traffic Report – Report of the number of emails sent or received for the organisation
  • Possible Duplicate User Reports – Lists possible duplicate users where there is more than one person with the same first and last name in an organisation and the status is active
  • SharePoint Site Usage Detail Report – Lists the key attributes per SharePoint site such as the site Id, site URL, name of site owner, owner principal name (NHSmail address) of site owner, whether the site was deleted and date of last site activity. The report also details key aspects of the SharePoint Collection such as the counts of active files, page views, page visits, and the root web template used per SharePoint Collection. The report details the storage used, storage allocated, report period and the report’s refresh date. Please use this link to get a detailed view and explanation of the columns for this report SharePoint Site Usage Detail Report- Glossary.PDF
  • Teams usage report – The Teams usage report provides an overview of the number of teams and channels across your organisation using Teams to communicate and collaborate. You can view information of all the Teams  in your organisation including the Teams name, privacy, mail nickname, Teams email, Channel count, Team owners count, Team members count, Team guests count and Teams creation date.
  • Teams User Activity Report – Lists O365 license types assigned per user. The report comprises key dates such as the report refresh date, last activity date, ODS code and the date when a user was deleted. The users principal name (NHSmail address) is also included and whether the user was deleted. Additionally, this report also includes Teams chat message count, private chat message count, call count, meeting count, actions other than chats, calls or meetings and the report period. Please use this link to get a detailed view and explanation of the columns for this report Teams Usage Activity Report- Glossary.PDF
  • Topup Reports – Lists the current and past subscriptions held by all users within the selected organisation

Generating Admin Reports:

Click Reports in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select Admin Reports from the drop down menu.



Select the target organisation and reports from the drop down menus. If you do not select an organisation, the default “All my organisations” is selected.


Generate Report

The Admin Report will begin to download and will show when complete in your tool bar at the bottom of the page (this may differ depending on your browser version).

Last Reviewed Date 03/03/2023
Updated on 25/10/2023

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