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23 July 2020 – Important Information – Impending change to the platform

Dear Local Administrator,

Important Information – Impending change to the platform.  

We are writing to inform you of a planned change happening across the NHSmail platform that may impact NHSmail users on 4 August 2020. Users impacted will need to re-enter their password into the Outlook desktop client when they first login on the 5th or after.

This change is required as part of the NHSmail Refresh to ensure legacy applications can continue to work post migration to Exchange Online. The change is not expected to impact mobile device users or those that access their email via OWA.

What action do I need to take?

To support this work, we are asking you to do the following:

  • Inform your local ICT desks of the imminent change and the possibility of password reset requests.
  • Communicate with your users reminding them of the password reset and account unlock process which is available here
  • Review your application accounts that use NHSmail via IMAP/POP/ SMTP
  • Ensure you are ready to re-enter the password and notify any third party suppliers who may mange these accounts on your behalf

You can read more about the NHSmail Refresh and how your organisation can prepare here.

Any questions can be directed to feedback@nhs.net

Last Reviewed Date 23/07/2020
Updated on 30/06/2022
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