Microsoft 365 Alert – Service Degradation – Power BI – Some users may encounter issues running refresh operations in Power BI – RESOLVED

06/06/2024 12:15:00 PM

NHSmail Reference: INC43515221

Microsoft Reference: PB799102

Issue Status: RESOLVED

Issue Description: Users may encounter failures running scheduled refresh operations in Power BI.

Final Update: 06/06/2024 15:24:00 PM Microsoft successfully reverted the update and received confirmation from affected users that impact is no longer occurring.

Scope of impact: Impact is specific to some users who are served through the affected infrastructure.

Root cause: A recent standard service update inadvertently contains a code regression that’s resulting in scheduled refresh operation requests to unexpectedly fail and cause impact.

Next update by: Thursday, June 6, 2024, at 2:00 PM UTC

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