Microsoft 365 Alert – Service Degradation – Microsoft Intune – Some users may be unable to enroll iOS devices in Microsoft Intune – RESOLVED

14/03/2024 09:10:00 AM

NHSMail Reference: INC41920427

Microsoft Reference: IT735728

Issue Status: RESOLVED

Issue Description: Some users may be unable to enroll iOS devices in Microsoft Intune.

More info: For affected users that observed failures during attempted enrollment, they need to follow the below steps to remediate their impacted devices:

1. Reset the device to factory settings using either Apple Configurator 2 or iTunes.
2. Turn on the device and follow the onscreen steps in Setup Assistant to retrieve the remote management profile.

Final  Update: 14/03/2024 08:57:00 AM – Microsoft have routed service traffic away from this subset of affected infrastructure and confirmed with impacted users that impact is remediated. Those who observed failures during attempted enrollment need to reset their devices using the steps in the More Info section to fully resolve this issue.

Scope of impact: Your organization was affected by this event, and some users attempting to enroll iOS devices were impacted.

Root cause: A specific section of service infrastructure, responsible for regulating iOS device enrollment, was performing below acceptable performance thresholds.

Next steps: Microsoft are reviewing the affected subset of infrastructure to identify why it was performing below acceptable performance thresholds, allowing us insight that may aid preventing similar issues from occurring in the future.

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