Information – Microsoft have detected a Microsoft Intune PowerShell script issue in your environment

22/04/2024 08:50:00 AM

NHSMail Reference: INC42603203

Microsoft Reference: IT781707

User Impact: If action isn’t taken, PowerShell scripts may break.

Update: 22/04/2024 08:44:00 AM If you are using the Intune PowerShell application ID (d1ddf0e4-d672-4dae-b554-9d5bdfd93547), you will need to update your scripts before May 1 with a different Microsoft Entra ID registered application ID to prevent your PowerShell scripts from breaking.

Microsoft has replaced the GitHub repository using the old application ID d1ddf0e4-d672-4dae-b554-9d5bdfd93547 with a new repository as announced here:

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