Microsoft 365 Alert – Service Degradation – Microsoft Intune – Users and admins may experience various issues when interacting with Microsoft Intune – RESOLVED

26/02/2024 08:34:00 AM

Microsoft Reference: IT718712

Issue Status: RESOLVED

Issue Description: Users and admins may have experienced various issues when interacting with Microsoft Intune.

More info: Microsoft Intune functionalities that may have been impacted included, but weren’t limited to:

-Ability to check-in or enroll Mobile Application Management (MAM) devices.

-Issues when interacting with the Microsoft Intune admin center.

Final Update: 26/02/2024 08:34:00 AM Microsoft confirmed that service health has returned to normal thresholds, resolving impact for all admins and users.

Scope of impact: Any admin or user utilizing Microsoft Intune may have been impacted.

Root cause: A recent configuration change in a core component leveraged in some Microsoft Intune scenarios didn’t complete as expected, resulting in impact.

Next steps: Microsoft are examining the methodology by which they validate and apply configuration changes to ensure that future core functionality configuration implementations are completed as expected.

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