Information – Collaboration Licensing – Mailbox Uplift

10/10/2023 17:30:00 PM

You will be aware of the new Collaboration Licensing and the benefits this brings to organisations and your users. One of the benefits is for Digital Information Workers to have a larger 50GB mailbox.

We are pleased to confirm that, post successful testing with a number of organisations, we will start to uplift mailboxes tonight. This will be done at an organisation level and will be seamless to all users. It will not impact on the use of a mailbox nor impact any user policy. Due to the large numbers of users, we anticipate the uplift will be completed within approximately 30 days.

The mailboxes to be uplifted will include all accounts with a status of Active, Inactive or Locked and that have accepted the NHSmail Acceptable Use Policy, this includes Application accounts. All other account types are excluded as they are not impacted by the new Collaboration Licensing agreement. Any new mailboxes not currently uplifted, will be captured and uplifted in Phase 2 of this project which will include an automated uplift process.

To report any issues, please contact 0333 200 1133 /

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