Microsoft 365 Alert – Service Degradation – Microsoft Teams – Some users may be unable to share sound during Microsoft Teams meetings on macOS devices – RESOLVED

07/08/2023 16:13:00 PM (GMT)

NHSmail Reference : INC37498306

Microsoft Reference : TM665791

Issue Status : RESOLVED

Issue Description : Users may be unable to share sound during Microsoft Teams meetings on macOS devices.

More info : Users who have previously not installed the “Teams audio driver” may be prompted for an installation but may be unable to do so, thus resulting in impact. Furthermore, users who have already installed the audio driver aren’t impacted by this event.

There are several options to address the problem while Microsoft determines the best course of action to fully resolve the underlying issue.

Since the problem only impacts users that opted not to install the audio driver while installing the Microsoft Teams client on macOS, users can fully uninstall the Microsoft Teams macOS client, reinstall it, and be sure to leave the option to install the audio driver checked during the installation process. If for some reason the box to install the driver is unchecked after fully uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft Teams macOS client, be sure to check it.

Alternatively, users can manually install the required audio driver. The steps to do so are as follows:
– Copy driver from: /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/TeamsUpdaterDaemon/Pkgs/_MSTeamsAudioDevice.pkg
– Rename it to MSTeamsAudioDevice.pkg
– Install it manually

Final Update : 22/08/2023 17:30:00 PM According to Microsoft’s deployment monitoring telemetry, the fix has fully saturated and subsequently resolved impact for all users.

Scope of impact : The problem may impact any Microsoft Teams macOS users trying to share audio during meetings that didn’t install the “Teams audio driver” when first installing the Microsoft Teams macOS client.

Root cause : A recent update to the digital certificate for the audio driver which is preventing the Microsoft Teams client from generating audio as expected, resulting in impact.

Next steps : Microsoft are assessing the methodology by which digital certificate updates are validated prior to deployment so that they can prevent similarly impacting issues from being introduced in future updates.

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