Information – (Reminder) – Intune – Windows compliance postures

02/08/2023 09:40:00 AM (GMT)

Details: On Friday, 4th August, the NHSmail Intune team will be updating the Windows compliance postures minimum OS to the following:

  • Baseline-Central-Windows 10 – Minimum OS – 0.19044.3208
  • Enhanced-Central-Windows 10 – Minimum OS – 10.0.19045.3208
  • Restricted-Central-Windows 10 – Minimum OS – 10.0.22621.1992
  • Central-HoloLens2 – Minimum OS – 10.0.22621.1113

User impact:   Any devices that does not meet the stated minimum OS version will appear as non-compliant in the Intune UI.

Non-compliant actions (e.g. block) will depend on the org having applied conditional access policies that would enforce the action.  If you wish to block logons for legacy versions below the above minima, please reference section 4.6 – Conditional Access in the LA guide to add users of those devices to conditional access policies.

Note: The NHSmail Intune team have uplifted these versions to ensure that organisations can identify older windows versions and recommend being on the most up to date version when possible.

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