Information – Planned Infrastructure Upgrade (NHSmail Datacentre) – First Notice

04/07/2023 16:30:00 PM (GMT)

Please be aware, there is a planned infrastructure upgrade (CHG0935965) scheduled at one of our datacentres for this upcoming weekend. The work being undertaken will begin at 19:00 on Friday 7th July and will complete by the end of Sunday 9th July. During this period, all NHSmail traffic will be re-routed via the active datacentre to ensure there is zero impact on end users of the NHSmail platform.

Any remote organisations that use direct IP addresses rather than DNS to access the e-mail gateways may potentially lose service during the upgrade activity. If you believe that your organisation are using direct IPs in any system configuration, you are strongly advised to change to using our standard DNS settings to prevent any loss of service or end user impact. The Support Site provides guidance on using DNS here –

Where using DNS is not possible and significant end user impact could potentially result in clinical risk during this brief period, please contact the NHSmail Helpdesk who will provide further guidance.

Although zero impact is expected, it is advised that review your service continuity plans in advance.

As always, if you require additional help and support, the NHSmail helpdesk is available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week on 0333 200 1133 or by emailing

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