Microsoft 365 Alert – Service Degradation – Microsoft Teams – Some users may experience Microsoft Teams Calendar events displaying incorrect times – FALSE POSITIVE

10/05/2023 13:20:00 PM (GMT)

NHSmail Reference : INC35765979

Microsoft Reference : TM553020


Issue Description : Users may see calendar events displaying incorrect times in Microsoft Teams when using Microsoft Edge

More Information : Affected users may encounter the issue when viewing Microsoft Teams calendar events from the web app in the Microsoft Edge browser, desktop client or mobile application. As a workaround, affected users may be able to manually update their local Windows time-zone.

Final Update : 15/05/2023 16:50:00 PM –  Microsoft have determined that this issue is a duplicate of another event. Please look for further updates in MO554199.

Scope of impact : Impact is specific to some users attempting to view Microsoft Teams calendar events in the ”UTC+03:30 Tehran” time zone when using Microsoft Edge.

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