VN121B Point Release– Content Summary

Please find below a summary of the main content of the VN121B release which was deployed on the 13th April 2023. To view the full release notes for this release please see the PDF file at the end of this summary.

Portal Projects Functionality

  • 73828- VN121B: Create new role for LA to be assigned by Helpdesk based on access request

This PBI introduces a new administrator role within the NHSmail Portal called “Allocate Phone_System”. This role enables an assigned user to be able to assign further new administrative role of Phone System Primary Admin and Phone System Local Admin detailed in 72789 to other users on the platform.

  • 72789- VN121B: Create new phone system admin roles

The following PBI introduces two new roles: Phone System Primary Admin and Phone System Local Admin. These roles can be assigned to a relevant user by either a Local Admin or Local Primary Admin who has the Allocate_Phone_System role allocated to them.

  • 72450 – VN121B: Send email to users on assigning phone system admin role

Users who are assigned either the Phone System Primary Admin or Phone System Local Admin role will receive an email notification to confirm that the new role has been added along with guidance on how to access the new phone system application for the first time.

Please note, if a user is assigned multiple admin roles of the same type, only the initial email notification will be received, and no further email communications will be generated.

  • 71314- VN121B: Modification of Update User after assigning phone system admin role

The new Phone System Primary Admin or Phone System Local Admin roles can be assigned to relevant users by any existing PLA/LA who has the Allocate Phone System role enabled on their account via the User Management section of the NHSmail Portal.

 Please note the functionality listed against VN121 is in preparation for the release of the Phone system later this month.

BAU Functionality – Product Backlog Items

BAU Functionality – Bug Fixes

  • 74375- MFA Status Report not loading

As part of the bug fix, the download timeout of the “MFA Status” report has been increased to enable a successful download for all organisations including organisations with a large volume of user mailboxes. This change will also see Deleted and Deleted_Permanent status users removed from the “MFA Status” report.

  • 75532- MFA is disabled for users on update user operation

This bug fix includes the resolution of preventing MFA from being disabled upon a user account update for end users who have either been enabled for MFA by a Local Admin or completed the registration via the self-service enablement.

To view the full release note please refer to the PDF file.

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