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10/03/2023 12:30:00 PM (GMT)

NOTE: This known issue has now been resolved under the most recent Portal release (VN121B Point Release) deployed on Thursday 13th April where the report can now be downloaded constantly. Please, see the bug reference (74375 – MFA Status Report not loading) for further information listed on the release notes here.

We are aware that the MFA Status Report, deployed as part of the Dickson Portal Release, is intermittently failing to complete when initiated via the Portal UI. Accenture development teams are investigating all options to rectify this as quickly as possible. Until it is working as expected, we are introducing an interim process to allow you to request this information via the NHSmail Service Desk. A ticket should be raised in the usual way and MUST include the ODS Code(s) for the Organisation(s) that the Caller needs this information for.

Once your ticket has been submitted with the mandatory information provided through the MDS, the ticket will be assigned to the NHSmail Portal resolver team for action. Once the information has been extracted, the report will be attached to the ticket in Service Now and can be downloaded by the Caller at their convenience.

The content of the report will match the fields in the MFA Status Report and cannot be customised or amended. These fields are as follows:

  • Email Address
  • MFA Activity
  • MFA Authentication Type
  • Compromised Status
  • When Compromised (Timestamp)
  • When Remediated (Timestamp)
  • Last Compromised By
  • Last Remediated By
  • User Compromised Tally

NOTE: The data used to populate the MFA Status Report produced using the process above is renewed each week on Sunday – e.g., Running the report on Monday and again during the same week will produce the same report as the data won’t have updated before the following weekend

NOTE: We aim to process your ticket within a 24-hour window, however, this timeline cannot be guaranteed, and critical priorities may result in your request being delayed where necessary. This 24-hour window applies to submissions between Sunday and Thursday only and not during the weekend.

Combining the Mailbox Report & MFA Status Report

The additional information below has been provided to provide support based on questions received recently, however, further guidance is not supported via the NHSmail Helpdesk. The below will help to combine values from the Mailbox Report and MFA Status Report:

  • Retrieve your Mailbox Report and MFA Status Report.
  • Create an additional sheet in the Mailbox Report and copy and paste your MFA Status Report into this.
  • Insert a new column next to ‘EmailAddress’ or Column J. To do this, right click Column K and click ‘Insert’.
  • Then insert a VLOOKUP statement which is going to use the Email Address as the anchor to retrieve the MFA Status, or any other column from the MFA Status Report you wish to return. The formula should look like the below, please feel free to copy and paste this across.


To retrieve different values, please adjust the column number section of the formula accordingly.

If you require additional help and support, the NHSmail helpdesk is available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week on 0333 200 1133 or by emailing

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