Microsoft 365 Alert – Action required – NHSmail Intune – A new endpoint is required for tenants in Europe that leverage Quality Update Expedite and Feature Updates

27/03/2023 10:55:00 AM (GMT)

Issue Status: Investigating

User impact: If action is not taken, Windows devices will not be able to receive the Expedited update

Action needed:
Recommendations: Currently customers need to provide access to the following endpoints Current Endpoints for WUfB-DS:

  • payloadprod*

In addition to the above ones, they need to make a new Endpoint also accessible. This is only required by EU customers.


Note: Additional Diagnostics: Our customers in the European region, who are using Quality Updates Expedite capability and Feature Updates through Intune will now need to ensure the devices have access to the new endpoint –

If this endpoint is blocked by firewall settings, then the devices will not be able to receive the Expedited update.

More info:

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