Culley Release – Content Summary

This NHSmail Portal release is named in honour of Staff Sergeant Tracey Ann Culley of the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps in recognition of Tracey’s services to nursing.

Please find below a summary of the main content of the Culley release which was deployed on the 8th December. To view the full release, note for this release please see the PDF file at the end of this summary.

Portal Projects Functionality

  • 61516- VN137 – Add MFA authentication type reporting to the existing mailbox report

This PBI adds a new column ‘Authentication type’ to the existing mailbox report which will show the type of MFA authentication users currently have in the Portal.

  • 61215- VN137 – Restrict MFA changes for users enabled with conditional access

This PBI has been implemented to restrict MFA changes for users in user details, self-service, and bulk edit pages when a user is added to a Conditional Access group.

Please note that Conditional Access is part of the future development plan for the NHSmail platform and this field will only return results when Conditional Access has been fully released on the platform in 2023.

BAU Functionality

  • 65770- Mark Account as Compromised – Remove mobile number from Database, Active Directory and Authentication methods

When a user is marked as compromised, the mobile number associated to the account will be removed.

This PBI will unregister the mobile number configured against the Multi-Factor Authentication. Local Administrators will need to add a validated mobile number back to the account as part of the remediation process to ensure that accounts can be accessed post-remediation.

  • 66450- Disable EXO Mailbox Rules on Compromised Accounts

This PBI implements a feature which will disable the users Exchange custom rules created within their Exchange Online Mailbox Profile when the user is marked as compromised.

  • 34500- B2B – Allow B2B Guest Access Requests to have a re-invite option so external guest users can be re-invited

This PBI adds a new “re-invite” button directly into the Portal for the Guest Attester to re-send emails to previously invited guests who are still in a Pending Invite status.

  • 55949- Add new Power BI Premium per user licence

This PBI adds a new “Power BI Premium per user” add-on license for organisations who have purchased this licence type. If purchased, this licence will be available on the user policy page.

Bug Fixes

  • 67904- AUP Workflow Errors

After the bug fix, when a newly created user account accepts the AUP, the user will be directed to input new security questions and answers before they can proceed with logging into their profile. This will prevent any user from being able to access any other pages within the Portal until the full AUP and security questions and answers process is complete.

  • 61393- Users able to bypass accepting AUP by inputting security questions

After the bug fix, newly created users will not be able to bypass the AUP criteria and go directly to security questions and answers. The user will need to ensure AUP is accepted this will then direct the user to input new security questions and answers.

To view the full release note please refer to the PDF file.

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