Cotman 2.0 Release – Content Summary

This NHSmail Portal release is named in honour of Warrant Officer Sarah Louise Cotman of the RAF in recognition of Sarah’s services to nursing.

Please find below a summary of the main content of the Cotman 2.0 release which was deployed during 27th October. To view the full release note for this release please see the PDF file at the end of this summary.

Portal Projects Functionality

  • 57484 – VN117 – Add a new self-service link to the NHSmail portal to take a user to the self-service account linking app

As part of this PBI, NHSmail portal users will be able to access the self-service account linking application from a link in the portal, to enable linking CIS2 credentials with NHSmail credentials.

BAU Functionality

  • 64282 – Security Q&A: Removal of Security Answers from user’s My Profile page

After this change, a user’s security questions will be read-only and their security answers will be hidden on the My Profile page. A new button will appear labelled “Reset Security Questions & Answers” that will allow users to reset their questions and answers if required.

  • 64283 – Security Q&A: Update to process for resetting Security Questions & Answers (Self Service)

This change will introduce a new self-service process for resetting security questions and answers.

  • Security Q&A: Update to process for resetting Security Questions & Answers (Admin Flow)

This change will introduce a new process to allow Local Admins/Local Helpdesk to reset security questions & answers for users who have forgotten these details or want to update the security questions & answers.

  • 67873 – Further enhancements to Reset Security Questions and Answers Process

This – PBI has introduced the following enhancements:

  1. Addition of Audit for self-service reset security Q&A flow allowing admins to see an audit event when users reset their security Q&A’s.
  2. Reset security Q&A button is renamed from “Reset Security Questions and Answers” to “Remove Security Questions and Answers”, and the tooltip is changed to state “If this button is disabled, this can be explained by one of several reasons. For further information, please visit
  3. Wording change on the pop-up when user has input their new security questions & answers to confirm the changes have been successfully applied.

To view the full release note please refer to the PDF file.

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