Microsoft 365 Alert : Service Degradation – Yammer Enterprise – Users may be unable to sign in into Yammer service – RESOLVED

23/09/2022 08:16:00 AM (BST)

Microsoft Reference : YA437275

Issue Status : RESOLVED

Issue Description : Users may have been unable to sign in into Yammer service.

More info : Users may have also experienced the following symptoms:

– The following error message when Yammer wasn’t loading: ‘Please try again after a few minutes’.

– Favorite Communities feature was missing.

– Navigating to active groups indicated that the group had been deleted.

– Private groups may have asked to be re-joined.

– Group feed loading failed with ‘Conversations not loading right now error’.

Final Update : 23/09/2022 08:16:00 AM – After reviewing the logs and data, Microsoft have identified the source of impact was a result of a configuration change. Microsoft have successfully repaired the configuration to remediate impact and confirmed that service has been restored for all users.

Root cause : A configuration change in the Yammer service was preventing users from being able to sign in or load their Yammer feeds.

Next steps : Microsoft are further reviewing the configuration change in the Yammer service that resulted in impact to prevent this issue from reoccurring.

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