Information – NHSmail Intune Service: Availability of new Security Baseline Policies

30/09/2022 14:30:00 PM (BST)

Dear Local Administrator,

We are pleased to announce the availability of new baseline configuration policies in Intune for securing your device estate. These baselines are available now, and are aligned to the National Cyber Security Centre/Centre for Internet Security (NCSC/CIS) Security Baselines to support the Intune requirements of the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations.

What are the benefits and changes?

The Security Baseline Policies provide organisations with standards-led security configurations which can be deployed to Intune enrolled devices. The new Security Baselines will enable organisations to align device security configurations to a common industry standard, whilst ensuring that when new versions of device operating systems are released, the baselining remains current and consistent.

Adopting the Security Baseline Polices

Organisations can access and adopt the new NSCS/CIS Security Baseline Policies alongside the other centralised baselines. The existing baselines and configuration profiles will remain unchanged, and the new NCSC/CIS Baselines will provide some additional options to secure devices enrolled onto the Intune environment. The NSCS/CIS Security baselines will appear within the Intune device configuration page; local Intune admins will be able to assign these to their devices and users using their custom RBAC roles.

For more information on how to assign the policies please see the support site.

If you have any further queries please see our NHSmail Intune Teams Community.

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