Information – Changes to minimum supported iOS version on NHSmail Intune

20/09/2022 15:30:00 PM (BST)

Dear Local Administrator,

This communication is to inform you of changes to the minimum supported iOS version on the NHSmail Intune service.

Microsoft has confirmed that, with Apple’s release of iOS/iPadOS 16.0, Microsoft Intune and the Intune Company Portal app will now require a minimum version of iOS/iPadOS 14 or higher.

What does this mean for my organisation?

If your organisation has Apple corporate devices enrolled to the Intune service, these devices are still managed, however end users will be prompted to update their iOS version on their device in order to access the Company Portal app. All new Apple devices will also require a minimum of iOS/iPadOS version 14 or higher to successfully enrol to Intune.

Local Administrators can view the OS version of all devices from the “Devices” section of the Intune Admin Console.

We recommend communicating this to affected users providing guidance to perform a manual software update, or using an Intune Software Update Policy to push these updates though to devices. See the ‘Manage iOS/iPadOS software update policies in Intune’ guidance on the Microsoft support site for further details.

Please note there are no changes to the minimum Android supported version at this point in time (currently version 8 or higher), however we recommend Local Administrators always update to the latest version where possible.

For related information, see the ‘supported operating systems’ article on the Microsoft support site.

Best wishes,
NHSmail Team

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