Microsoft 365 Alert : Service Degradation – SharePoint Online – Some admins may not see valid searches in their user reports within the Exchange Online service – RESOLVED

25/07/2022 14:39:00 PM (BST)

Issue Reported : 18/07/2022 12:00:00 PM

Microsoft Reference : SP403811

Issue Status : RESOLVED

Issue Description : Some admins may see inaccurate results in site collection search usage reports from the SharePoint Online admin center

Scope of impact : The problem may have impacted some of your admins that were trying to view SharePoint Online site collection search usage reports.

Final Update : 29/07/2022 14:39:00 PM – Microsoft finished deploying the fix to the affected production environments and confirmed from monitoring telemetry that the impact is resolved.

Root cause : A recent change to a portion of the affected infrastructure responsible for delivering search results introduced a code issue that caused the problem.

Next steps : To help prevent similar impact in the future, Microsoft are further reviewing why the change introduced a code issue and how they can improve the validation procedures to catch such issues before changes are made.

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