Microsoft 365 Alert : Service degradation – Microsoft Intune – Users may be intermittently unable to provision devices with Autopilot – RESOLVED

19/05/2022 08:45:00 AM (BST)

Issue Reported : 16/05/2022 02:38:00 PM

Microsoft Reference : IT381849  

NHSmail Reference : INC29039878

Issue Status : RESTORED

Issue Description : Users may be intermittently unable to provision devices with Autopilot.

More info : All Autopilot registered device modes are impacted. Additionally, users leveraging Autopilot for existing devices, pertaining to offline profiles, are also impacted.

Scope of impact :  Your organization is affected by this event, and any user who is provisioning their machines utilizing Autopilot may intermittently experience impact.

Final Update : 20/05/2022 08:24:00 AM – Microsoft confirmed that the traffic redirection has completed successfully, and they have verified with some affected users that this has resolved the issue.

Root cause : An inordinate amount of traffic on the service infrastructure on which Autopilot depends resulted in increased resource contention, causing an issue with provisioning devices with Autopilot.

Next steps : Microsoft are reviewing the affected infrastructure and are continuing to investigate the circumstances which led to the inordinate amount of traffic so we can prevent this problem from occurring again in the future.

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