Ziyan Blowfish 1.0 Release – Content Summary

Please find below a summary of the main content of the Ziyan Blowfish 1.0 release which was deployed on 28/04/2021.  To view the full release note for this release please see the PDF file at the end of this summary.

BAU Functionality

  • 58000 – portal landing page – update to carousel (new “Digital Hero” item to replace “Teams CVI” item)

A new carousel named ‘Digital Hero’ is implemented as part of this change in the Home page as requested in the PBI.

Portal Bug Fixes

  • 58521 – York Prod: O365 licence admin role cannot be assigned to users by a local admin user.

A local admin / local primary admin / tenant admin should be able to assign the O365 admin role to a user.

BAU Bug Fixes

  • 46307 – DL address can be updated to the address of an existing DL’s address

As part of this fix, the user will be notified with a message when he tries to enter the DL’s name in the portal, which can be a duplicate of already existing DL.

  • 59159 – All ATP/B2B approval requests are showing for LA’s without the necessary permissions

After this fix, users with B2B permission should not be able to view ATP requests and vice versa. All the users with only with necessary permission will be able to see the requests in the MyApproval tab.

To view the full release note please refer to the PDF file.

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