Microsoft 365 Alert : Service degradation – Power Apps – Connector timeout errors or failures – RESOLVED

25/04/2022 12:51:00 PM (BST)

Issue Reported : 25/04/2022 08:50:00 AM

Microsoft Reference : MX364051  

NHSmail Reference : INC28573240

Issue Status : RESTORED

Issue Description : Users may experience timeout errors or failures when running an app that utilizes connectors.

Final Update : 25/04/2022 02:43:00 PM – After investigating additional telemetry Microsoft identified a database infrastructure component reached a capacity constraint limitation, causing API calls for connectors to fail. To mitigate the issue, they increased capacity for the impacted database infrastructure component and confirmed via telemetry that Power Apps which utilize connectors are no longer failing.

Root Cause : Capacity constraint limitation.

Next Steps : Microsoft are reviewing our code for improved performance and potential automated recovery options to reduce or avoid similar issues in the future.

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