Microsoft 365 Alert : Service Degradation – Yammer Enterprise – Users’ Yammer posts, comments, and messages weren’t being displayed as expected – RESOLVED

24/01/2022 07:54:00 AM (GMT)

Issue Reported : 13/01/2022 03:56:00 AM (UTC)

Microsoft Reference : YA314035

Issue Status: RESTORED

Issue Description: Users’ Yammer posts, comments, and messages weren’t being displayed as expected.

More Info : 
-Users were unable to see new posts being created.
-Users had issues loading Yammer feeds.
-Messages were not displaying as expected and would have noticed this error message: “Your message was successfully posted but isn’t displaying right now. You could refresh in a few minutes to see it.”
-Notifications that should have been sent during the affected outage were not sent.
After this issue was resolved, a very small number of users may have still experienced the following residual impact scenarios:
-Some posts that were pinned during the impact may have become unpinned.
-Answered questions may have appeared in the unanswered feed; however, the “best answer” would have still remained highlighted.
-Moving thread from community to community during the outage window would have caused the thread to be duplicated in both communities.

Scope of Impact : Any user routed through the affected infrastructure may have been affected. Once the initial service issue was resolved, a small subset of users may have continued to experience some residual impact.

Final Update – 24/01/2022 07:54:00 AM : Microsoft completed addressing the lingering impact scenarios outlined in the “More Info” section and have confirmed after extensive testing that the issue is fully resolved.

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