Microsoft 365 Alert : Service Degradation – Microsoft Intune – Users may experience delays when attempting to access the Microsoft Intune service – RESOLVED

18/01/2022 12:59:00 PM (GMT)

Issue Reported : 18/01/2022 10:31:00 AM (UTC)

Microsoft Reference : IT315495

Issue Status: RESTORED

Issue Description: Users may have experienced delays, timeouts, or the inability to access the Microsoft Intune service.

More info: Users may have also experienced issues in the following scenarios:
– Users’ attempts to sign in from new devices may have intermittently failed.
– Users may have been unable to enroll new devices to service.
– Device limit restrictions may have not been enforced as expected.

Scope of impact: Impact is specific to a section of users served through the affected infrastructure located in Europe.

Final Update – 19/01/2022 07:38:00 AM : Microsoft confirmed via service telemetry that their actions to restart the affected infrastructure and reroute traffic have remediated the issue.

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