Service Degradation – Intune Android app assignment – Organisations are unable to assign groups to Android apps – RESOLVED

08/12/2021 13:30:00 PM (GMT)

Microsoft Reference : 28576923

Issue Status: RESTORED

Issue Description: Organisations/LA’s onboarded onto the Intune service may have been unable to assign groups to Android apps via Intune.

More info: When attempting to assign a group to an Android app on Intune, LA’s may have experienced the following error:

“Save application failed, An error occurred saving application [name of app], Status bar already set.”

Scope of impact: This was an intermittent issue when assigning groups to apps on Android devices.

Final Update – 31/01/2022 11:30:00 AM: A new Intune service release by Microsoft is confirmed to have remediated the issue. LA’s have advised they are now able to successfully assign groups to apps on the Android platform.

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