Microsoft 365 Alert: Service degradation – Microsoft Teams – Users can’t view images in chats and channels – RESOLVED

22-11-2021 03:14:00 PM (GMT)

Issue reported: 22/11/2021 11:30:00 AM

Microsoft Reference : TM299667

Issue Status: RESTORED

Issue Description: Users may have been unable to view images within Microsoft Teams’ chats and channels.

More info: Additionally, some other scenarios were impacted by this issue:
– Users may have experienced delays with calls or meeting recordings being available within SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Users may have received the error ‘The recording could not be uploaded and will expire.’
– Verbiage that was within the same message as an impacted image would not have returned within Microsoft Teams search.
As a potential workaround, users were able to upload the image as a file and other users could download the image to view.
Microsoft confirmed that the storage of the images was unaffected, and once the issue was resolved, the previously posted images rendered as expected.

Scope of impact: Any user could have been affected by this issue.

Final Update – 22/11/2021 03:14:00 PM: Microsoft deployed the fix and confirmed that the issue is resolved after a period of monitoring. Users may need to switch between chats or scroll up and down within a chat to trigger the re-rendering of the images.

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