Microsoft 365 Alert: Service degradation – Microsoft Teams – Can’t access Microsoft Teams toolbar during meetings – RESOLVED

16-11-2021 05:30:00 AM (GMT)

Issue reported: 16/11/2021 01:30:00 AM

Microsoft Reference : TM298411

Issue Status: RESTORED

Issue Description: Users may have experienced issues seeing the toolbar during a Microsoft teams meeting.

More info: Users would have been unable to complete any call control functions that rely on the toolbar such as Like, Chat, React, Share or user their camera and mic.

This may have impacted 1:1 conversations, meetings and Live Events.

We received positive feedback that users had been able to use alternate methods (Teams web and mobile versions) to workaround the issue.

While we work to mitigate the problem, users could have used keyboard shortcuts as a short-term mitigation. Additional information is located here:

Common options:
Toggle Mute – Ctrl+Shift+M
Toggle Video – Ctrl+Shift+O

Scope of impact: We believe this issue affected multiple versions of Teams and may have affected any user joining a conversation, meeting or Live Event.

Final Update – 16/11/2021 05:30:00 AM: Microsoft confirmed that users are experiencing mitigation after they restart the Teams client. Users should expect to receive the change automatically within the next two hours if no direct actions are taken.

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