IMPORTANT: Update to Microsoft 365 and Outlook for Windows connectivity – NEW

15-09-2021 03:30:05 PM (BST)

Microsoft Reference: MC274503

Description: Microsoft have announced that, in order to ensure that they meet performance expectations, they are updating the supported versions of Outlook for Windows that can connect to Microsoft 365 services. Effective November 1, 2021, the following versions of Outlook for Windows, as part of Office and Microsoft 365 Apps, will not be able to connect with Office 365 and Microsoft 365 services.

Office 2013 (15.0.4970.9999 and older)

Office 2016 (16.0.4599.9999 and older)

Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (formerly Office 365 ProPlus) (1705 and older)

Microsoft 365 Apps for business (formerly Office 365 Business) (1705 and older)

Organisations utilising Outlook 2010 will likely be impacted by this item also.

Scope of impact: Versions of the above software that are newer than minimum version requirements listed above, but are not the currently supported version, may experience connectivity issues.

To see a list of the currently supported versions, visit Update history for Microsoft 365 Apps (listed by date) (for Microsoft 365 Apps) or Latest updates for versions of Office that use Windows Installer (MSI) (see “Latest Public Update” for Office 2013 and 2016).

Supported versions of Outlook for Windows in Office and Microsoft 365 will continue to connect to Microsoft 365 services as expected.

Mitigation Actions: We recommend that all users upgrade to the supported versions of Office and Microsoft 365 Apps to prevent potential degradation.

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