Microsoft 365 Apps Service Alert : Some OneNote content created between May 14th, and May 18th, 2021, is not accessible – RESTORED

16-02-2023 01:02:45 PM (GMT)

Issue Reported: 14/05/2021 12:00:00 AM

Microsoft Reference : OP268688

Issue Status: RESTORED

Issue Description: Users may have noticed that some OneNote edits created between May 14th, 2021, and May 18th, 2021, were unavailable.

More Info: While restoration of the impacted content progressed, users may have noticed an additional section added to their notebooks with the date in the following format (YY-MM-DD, e.g. 21-05-18(1)) that represented a snapshot of content from May 18th, 2021, prior to it becoming unavailable. For clarity, an additional section was created with a date after the name of the restored section(s).

Scope of impact: Your organization was affected by this event.

Final Update – 06/08/2021 08:45:00 AM: Microsoft received confirmation via internal monitoring and customer reports that our restoration efforts were successful.

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