INC22587539 – Emails incorrectly going to Junk folder- RESOLVED

22-12-2023 10:59:51 AM (GMT)

Issue Reported : 15/07/2021 17:10 PM

Issue Status : RESOLVED

Issue Description: We are aware of an issue wherein users may observe that incoming mails are being incorrectly routed to their junk folder.

Business Impact: Emails may be received in junk folder rather than Inbox.

Final Update  (20/07/2021 10:28 AM) : Following continued monitoring and further confirmation from end users impacted by this issue, we have concluded that the measures taken by our 3rd-party supplier have resolved the issue fully. Any issues experienced going forward should be reported via the NHSmail Helpdesk in the usual fashion for investigation. Thank you for your patience during this event.

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