Microsoft Alert: Service degradation – Microsoft Teams – Users noticing that calls through Microsoft Teams are going to voicemail- RESOLVED

16-02-2023 12:23:07 PM (GMT)

Issue Reported: 11/06/2021 13:00:00 PM

Microsoft Reference : TM261472

Issue Status: RESOLVED

Issue Description: Users may notice that calls through Microsoft Teams are going to voicemail.
Affected users with access to the Microsoft Teams web app may have been able to use that platform as an alternate solution. Some mobile device users may have not received push notifications as expected during this event.

Scope of impact: This issue may have impacted any of your Microsoft Teams desktop client or mobile app users.

Final Update – 14/06/2021 9:05:00 AM: Microsoft have deployed a solution and have confirmed via monitoring our service telemetry that impact has been remediated. Service has been restored to normal.

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